Instead of a banality, a dullness of the facts in my storyless curriculum vitae, by helping of poet´s words I express my attitude, better said my love for the Art (at last I "hid" it in my name-web´s title).

Someones like the art

Someones, therefore not the all.
Therefore not the majority,
but the minority.
If we count neither the schools,
where it is required,
nor the individual authors,
maybe there are two of thousand people.

They love -
but person also likes noodle soup,
compliments and cerulean heaven, old shawls.
Person likes to hold his own and likes to caress a dog.

The Art - but what is the Art?
How many confused answers were already here
on this question?
And I still do not know, don´t know
and I hold on it like rescue banisters.